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Students have been facing many formidable obstacles to obtaining their degree with the rising costs of tuition and housing (to name a few) and we feel it is our duty as Alumni to help give back to our students. With your support, we can help SJSU students reach their academic dreams and build the next generation of Latino leaders.
Did you know...


tuition has​ risen
from 2007 to 2017


are Chicano/Latinx
from 30k students,
Chicanx/Latinx has the


lowest retention rate
LAN Legacy Brunch
The SJSU LAN Annual Brunch serves as a scholarship fundraiser to current and future SJSU students. Participating in this event also allows you the opportunity to network with fellow Alumni and community leaders!
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our sponsors:
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How to make a donation
  • Click the "Donate Now" Button below

  • Click "Support Scholarships - Make a Gift!"

  • Click "Donations and Scholarship Contributions"

  • Select "Latino Alumni Network Scholarships"

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